It's time to play with wikis. Ready to get a bit dirty? Great!

Quick Write (add to this during the workshop)

What do we already know about wikis?

anyone can have access, anyone can alter the content. problem is that information not always reliable.

What questions do we have about wikis?
how can we use it in the classroom?
how can we use these in the classroom?

General wikis:

Wikis in education:

Some specific examples:
-damian's on Native Americans
-damian on pyschology reources
-about how the read/write web changes everything
-wiki about the first day of class
-to set up a conversation with a guest speaker
-Dana Dukic, presenting here at HK 21st century learning, library professional development
-ISB Thailand, Tech curriculum standards
-Jason Welker's wiki for AP Econ courses

(this section will be completed during the workshop)
Our favorite wiki pages are:

Costs of using a wiki in the classroom:

Benefits of using a wiki in the classroom:

Questions we still have about wikis: